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Since our inception into the technology industry some nine years ago, we have made tremendous efforts in achieving the standard of excellence in the provision of electronic solutions to financial institutions as well as Utility Services Industry. Our dedicated and devoted employees have over the years performed excellently to offering clients the best they deserve.

Our Achievements include;

  • The implementation of TEMENOS ARC Mobile for more than 13 Financial institutions across three continents (Africa, Europe and South America)
  • Merchant Platform developed and implemented for some major banks in Ghana( including SG- Ghana, UT Bank, ARB Apex, ECG)
  • Implementation of E-Zwich Bank to Card, Card to Bank interface for uniBank for connection of their T24 CBS to the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement System (GhIPSS)
  • Implementation of ARC Mobile Services for uniBank Ghana Limited (First Go-Live) Implementation for Mobile Solution for uniBank.
  • Development and Implementation of Airtel Money Interface to uniBank T24 Core Banking System for Mobile Money Solution for uniBank.
  • Implementation of ARC Mobile Services on A-banks Core Banking System in South America (First Non- T24 Implementation of ARC Mobile.)
  • Voted the Best Electronic Distribution for 2010 by Vodafone Ghana.
  • Implemented SMS Customer Care Solution for Ghana Water Company.